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October 5, 2017

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HR-2997 ATC Privatization Update

We have some good news on the status of the plan in congress to privatize Air Traffic Control, known as HR-2997. The sponsor of this legislation, Representative Bill Shuster of Pennsylvania, had planned to get this bill to the House floor for a vote next week.

The DVPA Board has been in close contact with GA United, the large group of almost 200 aviation organizations opposed to this action.  We just received this update from Jim Coon at AOPA, one of the leaders of GA United:

  …Capitol Hill newspaper,  Politico, reported a few minutes ago that “leadership will not include Rep. Bill  Shuster’s FAA bill on the floor schedule next week.”

This goes to show you that your efforts have been effective and we need to sustain these efforts.

Chairman Shuster does not have the votes at this time to pass the bill but we must remain engaged and vigilant because it is not over til it’s over.  Proponents will continue to push and we need to keep up the fight.  Airlines continue to buy TV time for ads against us and this fight could go on for six weeks or six months.

Senior Vice President, Government Affairs and Advocacy
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
50 F Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001

Thank you for your efforts in contacting your congressional representatives!  You have made a big difference in slowing this bill.  But, as mentioned in Jim’s letter, Mr. Shuster and the airlines have not given up.  The airlines continue spending large amounts on money on TV and print advertising in key markets, and on their own lobbyists.  It's likely that we will be asked again to press our legislators to stop this action. 

Click this link for the latest position letter from GA United to Congress and the media.

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