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October 3, 2017

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Membership Application/Renewal Form

Electronic Renewals/Applications and Dues Payments

Your Board is pleased to announce that The Deer Valley Pilots Association has added an electronic method for renewing your membership and sending your dues payment, in response to many requests from our members.

Our updated Application & Renewal Form is linked here:  Application Form

To submit your application/renewal and payment electronically

  • Fill out the form on your computer
  • Click the “Save” button on the form to save completed the form on your computer.
  • Email the form as an attachment to membership@dvtpilot.com
  • Electronic Payments are being accepted through PayPay and through your bank using Zelle. 
  • For PayPal, log into your account, select “Pay or send money”, next select “Send to friends and family in the US”, then enter our payment email address:  payments@dvtpilot.com  This is the best option to send DVPA your dues, in that no PayPal fees are charged to you or DVPA.
  • To send your dues through your bank using Zelle, log into your banking account, select Send Money using Zelle, and use our email payment address:  payments@dvtpilot.com  Zelle does not charge fees to Send money.

To submit your application/renewal and payment by mail

  • Fill out the form on your computer
  • Click the “Print” button on the form to print the completed the form on your computer
  • Send the form, with a check for your dues payment to:

Deer Valley Pilots Association
702 W Deer Valley Road, Suite D
Phoenix, AZ 85017-2152

We hope you find the new electronic method useful and more convenient.  Whether you use mail or electronic, you will get a “Welcome” email when your application and payment have been processed.  If you have any questions, please email us at communications@dvtpilot.com

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