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May 6, 2017

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DVT Gate Card Notice

It has come to the attention of DVPA that a revised process is in place at DVT with respect to gate access. Airport Management requires that they have the expiration date of your DRIVERS LICENSE in their database in order to allow gate access to the airport. Operations has been attempting to call tenants to get the required information, but that process is not perfect. If your expiration date is missing from your record, it is possible that your gate card will be deactivated without notice.

DVPA's recommendation is this: if you have NOT been contacted by Operations to update your tenant record with your current Drivers License expiration date, you should call Operations at your earliest convenience and do so. That number is: 623-869-0975. While you are at it, make sure they have your current phone number and email address.

Also, be advised that Operations will deactivate your gate card on the day your Drivers License expires, unless you come to Operations with your new license and update your record.


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