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January 18, 2017

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DVPA Board Candidates

DVPA Members, we have four candidates for our 2017 Board of Directors.  Glenn True, Steve Cantrell and Steve Freeman joined our Board mid-term, and are seeking your confirmation.  Richard Schmidt has been a Director for three years and is seeking reelection to the Board.

Please join us at our pancake breakfast on Saturday, February 18 to cast your vote. 

Here are our candidates' bios:

Glenn True is returning to the DVPA Board, having served us previously. He is an Air Force veteran, who had a 30 year career with the Ventura, California Fire Department (Battalion Chief) while also deeply engaged in aviation. He has the full alphabet of aviation ratings / certificates / credentials (Commercial, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEL, MEI, etc.) and has many years as a flight instructor and corporate pilot. He currently is working for Simcom in Scottsdale as a flight simulator instructor. Glenn flies a Twin Comanche here at DVT.

Steve Cantrell is also a former Director who again wanted to serve our Members. Steve and his wife have recently returned to Scottsdale after working as a management consultant for several clients in the Middle East, primarily Saudi Arabia. He is rebuilding a previously flying BD-5T here at DVT and he hopes to have it airborne again one of these days. Steve learned to fly in a Piper Tomahawk in 1977 and has his MEL certificate.

Steve Freeman is new to the Board but he has been active in DVT flying since 1997. He built and is flying a beautiful Zenith CH 650B Sport Plane that was featured in the November 2016 EAA Sport Aviation magazine. See his article under “What our Members are Building/Restoring,” page 87. Steve has enjoyed aviation for many years and would like to “pay it forward” to his fellow DVT pilots by helping to ensure that our airport continues to improve and provide positive aviation experiences to all of us.

Richard Schmidt has been a Board member for three years, and has served two terms as Vice President and one term as president.  He holds a Commercial pilot certificate with ASMEL, Instrument, and CFI-A&I ratings.  He is also an A&P/IA, an FAA Safety Team Representative and a member of EAA Chapter 538.  He enjoys formation flying as an FFI Lead with the Bonanzas to Oshkosh group and with the West Coast Ravens and Arizona Scorpions formation teams.  He flys a Beech B55 Baron and a Van's RV-8A. Richard has worked closely with our Airport Manager on the Battery Maintainer project and the Tenant Manual revisions on hangar use.

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