Deer Valley Pilots Association

Serving the Tenants and Users of Deer Valley Airport

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About Us

Deer Valley Pilots Association

  1. Items of interest include:
    • Governmental policies and administrative actions at the federal, state, and local levels as applied to aviation
    • Space rental agreements at the airport Airport operations and maintenance facilities
    • Corrective and punitive actions by the City of Phoenix
    • How aviation funds are dispersed
  2. To provide opportunities for members to have social interaction in order to initiate better communication, information and public awareness of the pilot community.
  3. To provide a method and the best vehicle to effectively and continuously improve the level of services to the general aviation community at Deer Valley Airport.
  4. To promote safety in general aviation and community awareness of the safety in general aviation

DVPA By-Laws

DVPA Officers

personel bio picRichard Schmidt - President

personel bio picRandy Eary - Vice President

personel bio picDean DeRosia - Treasurer

personel bio picPhil Barrett - Secretary

DVPA Directors

personel bio picSteve Cantrell - Director

personel bio picGlenn True - Director

personel bio picJeff Flaherty - Director

personel bio picDavid Gates - Director

personel bio picWill Worthington - Director

personel bio picMert Bean - Director